Welcome to ElectroSonics Medical Inc.    

Electrosonics Medical Inc. was formed in April 2007 after the acquisition of certain assets of BIOMEC Inc. by New York based Greatbatch Ltd.  ElectroSonics is focused on the commercialization of two proprietary products specifically excluded from the Greatbatch acquisition.  The technologies are:

ConfirmEE - Ear Effusion  Detection and Characterization System

The Ear Effusion Detection and Characterization System is a non-invasive device used to detect fluid in the middle ear.  An additional key feature of the product is that it will provide an indication of the viscosity of any middle ear fluid, which has in previous research been correlated to the level and type of infection.  With this information, the primary care physician can make more informed decisions about the appropriate course of treatment, including whether or not to prescribe antibiotics.  This in turn should lead to a reduction in unnecessary antibiotic use.  For more information click here.

Pneumothorax Detection System

This device utilizes novel technology developed at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) to non-invasively detect the presence of a pneumothorax.  Pneumothorax is a condition where a pocket of air is trapped in the pleural space around the lungs, making breathing more difficult.  In some cases this can lead to a collapse of the lungs and possibly even death.  It is most often caused by blunt trauma to the chest. For more information click here.